Monday, July 23, 2012

Toledo, Spain: a not so hidden gem

Holy Toledo is right! What a beautiful city.
We first got a glimpse of the city from the taxi on the way out of the train station.  It's perched up on the top of a hill and offers an Alcazar and many cathedrals and church spires for a skyline.

For those arriving to Toledo with luggage, if you want to do some heavy cardio by lugging your bags up a hill and through narrow and cobblestone roads, be my guest, but I much preferred paying a taxi to drive us up the hill for 5E and then walk the streets unencumbered. Especially given that the digital readout on an outside thermometer showed us that it was 43 degrees Celsius upon our arrival.

Our Hotel, Las Conchas, our room was right beside the H
Starved as usual, we tried a little restaurant right around the corner from our hotel.  Meson de la Posta felt like a Spanish restaurant so we ordered a Toledonian dish Carcarmusas, which is like a stew, with dos cervesas.

Inside the Meson de la Posta, check out the bull on the wall!
 We walked the labyrinth of streets and quickly found our way to plaza Zocodover and then decided to make out way to the walls of the city and we ended up walking along below the wall. Such a beautiful view!

I walked back up the hill and along the maze of streets until I found the beautiful St-Mary's Cathedral. What a beautiful cathedral inside and out!  It was impressive to see so much investment and money that went into such a big beautiful church from a relatively small city.  You can understand why Toledo remained the capital of Spain for a long time.  It was definitely the religious epicentre.

Toledo's Alcazar

Toledo's St-Mary's cathedral

Toledo's crest, as seen on the sides of buildings and buses.

Inside Toledo's Cathedral

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