Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Ready for Spain

Back in February, I started itching to plan my next adventure. I hadn't traveled since my Mediterranean Cruise and though I knew I would be going to Daytona Beach for Easter and Fort Lauderdale for business in June, I really wanted to explore somewhere new.

At Bobbie's surprise 30th birthday party Josée suggested that she was also looking for a travel partner.  Europe this summer was as far as we got that night.  Over the next few months, we planned this ambitious trip.  Over 17 nights and 18 days. we will be making our way from Barcelona to Malaga and stopping in at least 14 towns, sleeping in 9 different hotels, taking 3 high speed trains, negotiating a rental car through the hill towns and Southern Spain and visiting Morocco.

T - 5 days. Planning phase is done, now to packing.  Trying to pack light, yet be prepared for everything might prove to be more difficult than I originally thought!

I'll try to post short impressions and the best of the pictures frequently!  Hope you'll follow along with us!

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