Saturday, December 10, 2011

Paris Day 2, Versailles Take 2

We woke to a gloomy rainy Friday morning. We knew we needed a quick start to make it to Versailles bright and early.  This morning we picked our café crème to go from the local brasserie and picked up some chocolatines from the local bakery.

We made it to Versailles, on the right train today, at around 10 am.  As we exited the train station I spotted a Starbucks, Yay! Since we needed to use the washroom and we can always use an excuse for a grande no foam non-fat latte, we made a pit stop.

Château Versaille
Versailles was as opulent as I remembered from my last visit 19 years ago! The gold and the chandeliers are absolutely remarkable.  The salon des glaces is still my favorite.

However, the frescos on the ceilings are also quite impressive. One in the Diana room had me particularly impressed.

After Château Versailles, we decide to have lunch in the city of Versailles and had lunch at a modern little creperie.  We had excellent ham, cheese and mushroom crêpes bretonnes followed by Froment Crêpes with Nutella.  And for those who know us well, you won't be surprised that the three of us, ordered exactly the same meal again!

Today was also MBA graduation day 2 for me.  Time to accept my Paris-Dauphine diploma  It was a nice evening and now I can officially close that chapter of my life.  Quite a proud day if I can be allowed to be proud.  I'm now a executive MBA graduate from the université of Paris-Dauphine.  Who would have thought I would be accepting my MBA from a top ranked Paris university?
The unfortunate part is that I caught a nasty cold.  What started as a sore throat yesterday developed into a full-fledged head cold in time for convocation.  I toughed it out but by the time we left, I was battling a fever, some pretty nasty congestion and all the other fun symptoms that accompany a head cold,  but I was determined not to let it spoil the evening.  We went for a nice celebratory dinner at a brand new restaurant recommended by a colleague. Just off les Champs Élysées, on les acacias, le Dodin offers typical French cuisine.  Again, we all ordered the same meal: la pièce de boeuf d’Aubrac à la moelle avec sa purée mousseline à l’ancienne joliment moutardée.  It was absolutely delicious, and although we were full we wanted to try their specialty desert, le pain perdu which is like a piece of spice cake prepared like french toast.  As they called it, c'est un cake.  It was served with a scoop of homemade hazelnut ice cream and it was absolutely delicious combined with our café crème.

Another great day in Paris that had us collapsing into bed.

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