Friday, December 2, 2011

Haifa, Israel

Day 7 (I think)

I'm sitting at Cheers Bar in the German Colony of Haifa having a Goldstar (local Amber Beer) and sharing a fajita. It's another beautiful day.  It's warm and sunny.
We took the bus to the top of Mount Carmel and took at look at the Baha'i Gardens.  The shrine is closed because of the Sabbath at sundown.  We made our way down the hill using sidestreets and got to see the backside of Haifa as well as the beautiful view.  It reminded me of taking a walk down the side of Mount Royal through Westmount and Outremont.  Some really nice sites and some not so pretty.

We have exactly 2 hours before the all on board signal. Then we're off to Katakolon Greece overnight.

Yesterday, we had our private tour of northern Israel.  We went to the Mount of the Beatitudes of the side of the sea of Galilee which was my favorite spot.  It's really a beautiful site and you can image how it must have been paradise on earth.

Gotta run.  More later on Israel.


  1. Hey allo la gang, bien contente de pouvoir vous suivre en écrit. Effectivement j'avais vérifié quelques fois sur ton blog mais pas de nouvelles de toi. Maintenant ça semble réglé, tant mieux, je suivrai tes péripéties au fur et à mesure que tu posteras. Pas de bordées de neige encore ici. Et bien à plus, un beau bonjour à ma grande sœur.- Andrée x

  2. Allo Andree, Un gros bonjour de nous aussi!
    Contente d'avoir de tes commentaires.
    à bientôt!
    Julie, Louise e tJim